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Ensuring that the job not only gets done, but exceeds expectations. Bringing amazing project management talent to your team . . . right now?
Make Your Tech Career with Ignitec
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PMO Suite
We ensure that the job not only gets done but exceeds expectations
Make Your Tech Career with Ignitec
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Do you struggle to deliver IT projects on time, on budget, and in scope?

Are you looking to drive results in project management?

We specialize in finding the right people to ignite your business solutions.

Driving various projects to meet your business goals can sometimes be a juggle. For over 20 years, Ignitec has been supporting organizations like you by finding experts in project management, business analysis, and quality assurance to ensure that the job not only gets done but exceeds expectations.

How we do what we do​

It’s not enough to simply find candidates for you – we’re dedicated to finding the right technology candidates for you. We begin with a clearly defined need to understand the position you’re searching for and take everything into account to find the right person. From the details of the position to the type of work they will be doing to the team they will be working with, finding the right fit requires our team to focus in two areas: Aptitude and Attitude.
  • Confirm the candidate’s credentials
  • Assess their technical skills
  • Validate their experience
  • Determine best working environment
  • Identify ideal management style
  • Assess personality

At Ignitec, we are dedicated to looking at the candidate as a whole and matching your position with the candidate who is most likely to ignite success.

68% – more than 2/3rd – of organizations in PMI’s annual survey said that they used outsourced or contract project managers. – PMI

What We Do


Project Management

Our goal is to take some stress off your shoulders and find the best people to create a road map for all projects across your business landscape. Our team delivers projects on time, on budget, and in scope, every single time. They have expertise in planning, organizing, and managing moving parts within each project to ensure it meets all requirements.

Some firms want to work with Project Managers that have the technology experience with their specific tech stack. Some other firms want Project Managers with the industry experience because of their regulated environment. And others do not care about the technology stack and want someone that truly knows how to run an effective project using their PM skills to the fullest and learning the technology and industry details.

We ignite your project with the PM that fits with your specific needs.

Business Analysis

Our team makes your visions come to life while addressing and ensuring each business KPI along the way. Ignitec’s Business Analysts specialize in conducting extensive analysis of your projects and reducing possible risks to guarantee success at each stage. This means:
They identify areas of growth in terms of your business methods and recommend the latest best practices. Our network of Business Analysts serve a diverse background of industries, technologies and geographies allowing us to present you with the spark to ignite your hiring process.

Quality Assurance

Our experts bring life to your applications, meaning that our testing methodologies ensure they either meet or exceed all functional requirements.

Our team ensures:

Why Ignitec?

We work on a personal level
With over 20+ years of industry experience, we have a deep belief that collaboration is everything. We take it one step further by working with clients individually, understanding their work culture and gaining a knowledge base of each division's expertise and focus.

Hiring Challenges? Hiring Solutions!

Every day we are actively searching for application, software, and mobile development candidates. We screen and qualify their aptitudes and attitudes to ensure they are among the top talent, as well as the right fit for your organization. We’re always up for a challenge and are dedicated to igniting your success with the right solution.

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