Information Security Support for U.S. Agency
Ignitec Case Study

Quick Facts

Client Needs:



Client Challenge

Our client, an agency that enforces the controlled substances laws and regulations provides national leadership in the prevention and interception of illicit traffic nation-wide. Due to this mission, the client sought enhanced information technology resources to support enforcement, intelligence, diversion, financial, and administrative operations.

The client needed a team to implement an effective information security governance and oversight program capable of protecting the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the agency’s mission critical information.

Client Needs:

Ignitec Solution

Our team of experts began by collaborating with the client to identify key success metrics, scope out the project, and further define the mission. By breaking down the project strategically, the scope was fully developed into the overall plan. Going beyond the technology, our team and team lead needed to educate the contractor and government staff on the importance of cultivating a team environment to enhance collaboration to support the mission’s requirements.

Our efforts began with breaking down the needs of the project to thus identify the best team members who could execute effectively. This included developing processes and procedures using existing templates to provide an overview of the information security program as well as instructions to use applications and tools. The client also needed a team who had in-depth knowledge of best practices for implementing Risk Management Framework and FISMA legislation. Lastly, the team had to utilize the process for security authorization which includes:

This helped us identify the overarching landscape of project steps as well as necessary team qualifications.
Initial development began and working with the client, the prototype took shape. Beginning with the infrastructure backbone, our team worked hand-in-hand with the client to meet their specific goals and objectives to see the project through to success.



Ignitec and the client working together created a highly effective and efficient team. The benefits of both the project and the relationship between Ignitec and the client are clear.